NTL – Non Trucking Liability Insurance

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If you’re under permanent lease to a motor carrier that provides your Primary Automobile Liability Insurance coverage, you could benefit from our Non Trucking Liability (NTL) coverage with unlimited radius while using your truck for a non-business purpose.

Non Trucking Liability Insurance can pay for medical and associated expenses for injuries or even death that you cause to other people or for any damage caused to other peoples’ property. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance provides liability coverage for your truck when it’s used for personal use only, such as when you are at home on your day off and use the truck to go on errands or to visit a friend or relative. This endorsement only modifies the liability portion of your policy.

NTL – Non Trucking Liability Insurance does not provide liability coverage for any use that can be considered business use or to carry cargo. Trips to and from the terminal, fueling up, trips for maintenance or vehicle servicing, use during layovers, dead-heading (driving without a load), and even getting the truck washed may be considered using the auto for a business purpose. Business use would be covered by the motor carrier’s primary liability insurance.

Although Bobtail coverage is often used interchangeably with Non-Trucking Liability coverage, technically they are not the same thing. Bobtail insurance protects a tractor when it’s operated without a trailer, whether or not it’s under dispatch, while Non-Trucking Liability coverage only covers a vehicle when it’s driven for personal, non-business use.

NTL Truck Insurance
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